Tod is a musical magician who seems to know instinctively what I need when capturing music. He is the engineer every musican dreams of having - great ears, great skill, great friend.


James Morrison AM

Jazz Multi-Instrumentalist/ Composer/ Educator/ Director

We don’t believe it’s simply coincidence that since starting to record with Tod that two of our recordings have received ARIAs. He has a level of musicianship rarely found at the console in recording studios, and has been instrumental in shaping the flow and the polish of our albums. All our Christmases came at once when he started working with us live, though - he was able to marry his understanding of our sound and repertoire with his extensive live experience and re-create who we really are in any venue. Again - a skill all too rare in the live engineering world. On top of all this - Tod oozes patience, humility and aural musicianship. A true diamond in a world of many roughs.


The Idea of North

Jazz A cappella Quartet

Client Testimonials

I am so glad I took my time deciding where to record my latest jazz album. Tod combines astonishing musical sensibility and an amazing ear with incredible patience.  I am very grateful for his superb expertise that helped me through my vocal difficulties of those first few days of recording. I’m sure he was performing “magic” at the console a few times - as easily as one might add an item to a shopping list! He has played a great part in giving my album the “spit and polish” that I hoped for. And what a lovely human being – professional to the max, but humble and generous of spirit. 

Sharny Russell

Jazz vocalist/ Pianist/ Composer/ Teacher

Tod has the perfect blend of professionalism and approachability. He is an outstanding engineer with a magician's touch. He is also a very responsive and warm-natured collaborator. Simply the best! 

Frances Madden

Jazz Vocalist/ Songwriter/ Pianist

Tod has all of the qualities needed to make the process of recording an album a relaxed and uncomplicated one. He has great ears, loads of experience, patience galore and a phenomenal work ethic, I felt totally supported during the making of my latest album and I’m thrilled with the final product.

I’d work with Tod again in a heartbeat.

Melinda Schneider

Country Vocalist/ Songwriter

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Tod Deeley for many years. The project i most enjoyed working with him on was an album of mine entitled ’Some Other Spring’.

When i commence the journey of creating a new project, I think about what I’d like in the Studio process. I think it’s really important to work with those you feel comfortable with. And to be working with someone who is a master of their craft, someone you trust, someone who has the same goal in mind as you do, which for me is capturing the live groove and creating something super special. 

Tod ticks all those boxes and more. Being a musician himself, his ears are so attuned to what's going on, he is able to bring your project to life with a realness which i adore.


Emma Pask

Jazz Vocalist